Certispec Sizing Application

Annual Fuel Consumption
Cost Per Therm
Therms transferred into the water at % Efficiency
Gas Efficiency Comparison
Gallons of water heated to 100 degree rise 172900
Therms wasted due to efficiency 100
What you pay for the fuel 1208
Amount of fuel costs transfered into hot water 1148
What you wasted due to 5% inefficiency 60
Savings Over % Efficiency 302
Savings Over % Efficiency 181
Electric Efficiency Comparison
kW Input
Cost Per kilowatt hour
Electricity Costs 0.50
Equivilant Gas BTU's 20472
Equivilant Therms 0.20
Natural Gas Fuel Costs 0.12
Per Hour Savings, Gas vs Eletric 0.38
****Note. This fuel cost calculator is provided for comparison purposes only. Operating cost may vary based on actual usage.